Fundraiser Painting Events

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                  Raise Money While Having Fun!

No matter what your favorite cause may be, to have a successful fundraiser, it is important to combine fun and laughter. Design and Discover Art Studio is the place to go for an inspiring fundraiser that all will enjoy, and we will donate a portion of the proceeds back to your cause.

Have a blast supporting your cause

Let us be your partner in planning a paint and sip fundraiser. Creating artistic masterpieces under the tutelage of a local artist is sure to create excitement and encourage attendance… and the wine doesn’t hurt either.

Don’t forget your favorite drinks and snacks

You’ll need to bring your favorite wines and other drinks. Don’t forget the snacks and appetizers, We’ll supply the silverware, plates, napkins and wine glasses. An added benefit of having your paint and sip fundraiser at Design and Discover Art Studio … We take cafe of all the clean-up after your event.

Take your masterpiece home with you

When finished, each guest will take their artwork home as a reminder, inspiring them and others to support your cause again in the future.

Discover your hidden talents

You’ll be amazed at how artistic you really are. Our instructor works with people at all skill levels. As you socialize and laugh, a unique work of art will unfold beneath your paintbrush. To schedule your paint-and-sip fundraiser, call Design and Discover Art Studio today!

“The purpose of art is the washing away of dust of everyday life”